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JLO Business Outsourcing and Software Solutions Inc.

JLO Business Outsourcing and Software Solutions Inc. is a registered corporation in the Philippines. We offer services that helps businesses from around the world reduce overhead, complete projects & extend their company’s overall output by providing a scalable workforce.

Our main office is located at the Queen City of the South, Cebu, Philippines. With strong English communication skills and a multitude of talented labor pool, the Philippines is well known as one of the top outsourcing destination. With offices in Cebu we have access to a large pool of employees with a wide range of skill sets.

We aim to deliver a globally competitive edge by leveraging proven processes and best practices in supporting various types of business regardless of its scale and tenure. Partnership We help our clients save a lot of time in focusing more in their business. Instead of trying to build their own creative design department, they could, for instance, outsource their web design and marketing materials development to specialized agencies.

Whether you are large corporation or a small business we have a solution that will fit with your business plan. Right now, JLO family grows larger with more than 50 corporate clients and more services offered. With strong employees and partnership, the company is growing bigger to become a complete outsourcing center. Aside from the dedicated Operations and Support teams, we also provide exclusive critical support in Human Resources, Information Technology and among others. We are able to zoom-in and zoom-out in viewing problems, which will inevitably arise in day to day conduct of operations. We recognize and affirm the unique nature of our clients and strive to translate the business philosophy of our clients into the culture of the teams. Through rigorous and systematic training and calibration with clients, we ensure that our outsourcing services work.


To help companies save a lot of money thru outsourcing. Lowering cost has always been the primary advantage of outsourcing benefits.


JLO is geared towards delighting clients by delivering best outsourcing solutions, providing framework and support and maintaining client consumer relationship. It is our top most priority to make our clients the best in their industry and to provide the best working environment for the employees.


JLO delivers what you really want. A dynamic team with excellent in communication skills. We continue to be successful because we strive for your success. We are not limited to giving you the benefits of outsourcing but also look for outsourcing solutions to keep you satisfied and happy. What JLO can offer? Whether it be accounting, bookkeeping, back-office support, virtual assistant, software development, system integration and many more, we have a service that can help your business right now.

Below is an overview of our main services;

Accounting and IT Services

JLO Business Outsourcing and Software Solutions Inc. helps small to medium sized companies gain control of the bookkeeping and accounting by supplying financial intelligence that’s actionable, accessible, and on time. We also provide the IT service you need and a price that you can afford.

JLO assigns a committed team including a bookkeeper, staff accountant and software developers to your business. We create a Back Office that automates key processes to increase operational demand and
integrates different software and your financial systems.

Bookkeeping Services

Outsourced Bookkeeping is among the quickest growing outsourced services in the Philippines. The Philippines are a highly sought after source for supplying Bookkeeping, Accounting & Financial services to customers worldwide.

1. We have expertise in Waveapps, QuickBooks Online, PeachTree, Xero Accounting and Smartbooks.

2. We have become virtual accounting department or your personal bookkeeper for your company. If you’re an accounting firm, or a CPA looking for an additional hand, we will join any team to complete the Financials and Balance Sheets. Using the newest technology, we develop policies and procedures to streamline your accounting procedure and provide you with the information and reporting that matters. Our standards and practices create consistency throughout your firm to ensure that your important data is kept secure, accurate, and cost effective.

If you are setting up a new business or simply thinking of a restructuring to minimize overhead cost and increase efficiency, you need to take a detailed look at the services we offer.

How does our Bookkeeping Services function?

1. Send us Documents: – you are able to send your source documents to us a couple of ways. You upload it into a server, email,
or scan!

2. Connecting securely to your computer through internet: – In the second stage, we shall connect to your computer by utilizing a remote desktop access service.

3. Updating the records – we’ll update your records in front of you on your computer and log out just as we finish off the work!

We can become your complete bookkeeping and finance department just performing monthly and overseeing your staff and quarterly closes.

So what can our Accounting services do for you?
• General ledger
• Bank reconciliations
• Write checks
• Keep accounts payable and accounts receivable modules.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are a great way to track the progress of your organization. They are frequently required by third parties like regulators or banks. We can supply quarterly, monthly, or yearly financial statements to satisfy your individual needs.

Any paperwork that is filed will be on time and precise, so that you do not need to stress about missing any deadlines.Our accountants can stay on top of your accounts payable and make sure all bills are paid when needed as needed.

IT Solutions

Leverage your resources by having the right IT road map in your business. Nothing beats than being technologically superior to the competition. There is so much innovation in our world today that a lot of things are already available just by playing around with our fingertips. JLO believes in investing on any technological advancement to  maximize every aspect of a business. We have the right resources
and expertise that will aid you get the information and support you need.

Get the right business leads and direction by having the online search engines work to your advantage. Our experience with our own ecommerce business has given us proven insights and methodologies on how to effectively manage the online traffic. Having the right software and other online tools is also essential in maximizing the efficiency of any business production.

Information Technology is diverse and complex as we have new innovations available every now and then. The need to be constantly updated and at par with the current technological trends is no longer optional but a requirement to keep up with the current market. Having the right partners greatly contribute to a business’s success.

Software Developers

JLO has built a big talent pool covering virtually all mainstream technologies, including .NET, Java/J2EE, PHP, iPhone/Android, and more. Our Software Developers core value is working with your company, as part of your company.

Our Software Developers go through extensive training and we have a scrupulous hiring process to ensure that your work is exactly as you intend. With the nature of the work, your security is our biggest priority. All of our programmers are taught the importance of preventing injections, and other risk possibilities.

  • We seek to provide the personal attention that usually comes only from internal finance department.
  • Hiring us is similar to having a personal accounting department without the additional overhead.
  • Our clients only need to inform us of their goals, for now and in the future.
  • We always make it happen.


Payroll Services
We offer a payroll team who handles all the necessary procedures for your monthly payroll. Using a state of the art advanced technology, you won't be needing to hire an internal payroll team. This the best way to minimize your cost and maximize your profit!
Accounting Services
We do Bookkeeping, Statutory Financial Statements,
Submission of Audited Financial Statements to the BIR and SEC to just name a few. We make your lives easier by lessening your burdens and business obligations.
Business Registration
We help locals and foreigners to start their business in the Philippines. We are a legal business entity in the Philippines to handle all government compliance for a fixed and affordable price.
Tax Compliance
We can help you prepare and file the following tax returns, among others, based on your accounting records. Keeping it smooth and efficient for your business to comply all the necessary processes.
Software Services
We provide reliable, hassle-free, and value-for-money software solutions, products and services. May it be web development, mobile application, system integration and application support.
Cloud-Hosted Application
We offer cloud-based applications that fits your business needs. Business software that allows you to operate entirely from the cloud on a recurring subscription. These solutions are hosted and powered from the remote cloud infrastructure and are accessed globally through the Internet. No more infrastructure cost on your side.
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Our end-to-end solutions are designed to allow our clients the option of using any combination of our services, or the complete package to cater to their individual needs. - Data Entry, Data Capture and Conversion, Data Extraction and Conversion, Document Management and Document Management Solutions.
Back Office Services (BOS)
We offer both short or long term engagement, especially suited for companies wishing to employ staff in other countries, where they do not have an entity. Businesses are able to enter new markets quickly and without the need for in-country set-up, enabling international growth without the high risk and cost normally associated with this type of business expansion
Data Entry
Our Data Entry representatives have a proven track record of over 99% accuracy rate. Our representatives are given extremely strict metrics to follow and are gone through a thorough hiring and training process.Here are some of our services Data entry outsourcing can offer your business! Supply Company contacts, Grab E-Mail Lists, Grab contact from sites, Product Data Entry, eBay, Amazon, Magento, VirtueMart, Yahoo Shop, Shopify, All kinds of transaction processing, Bank Reconciliation, Credit card Reconciliation, Data conversion, Website Data Entry and Excel data.
Chat and Email Support
We can supply clients the most effective options to improve their business processes. We provide the finest options at the most affordable costs. Our competent representatives are subsequently trained to shine in the area of customer and technical support, particularly email and live chat. We supply you the perfect service representatives to efficiently manage most websites and their customer service.
Lead Generation
Our lead generation service representatives use specialized methods to calculate all possible data that could be used to paint the ideal client that you are looking for. This can come down to personality, interests, needs, wants, and more. Moreover they will take into consideration the sales process from the customer’s viewpoint, allowing them to better get a clear picture of what the customer wants.
Customer Service
Inbound and Outbound - we can supply customer care solutions customized to the companies’ needs. We’re a seasoned centre with the experience you need. With more than seven (7) years operating with both directly to customers and businesses, we understand what it takes to run every department. Our personnel are well-trained to supply the greatest client satisfaction and will help handling increased demand of business.

why choose us?

We founded this firm in a trying time for Philippine Companies, with the goal of helping all return to profitability.  

With more than 10 years exposure to both Internal and External Accounting
We have independent Certified Public Accountants that will take care of you.
It is in the depth of our principles to provide you comfort and peace of mind through the services we offer by always responding to you.

outsourcing your accounting work

For most companies, accounting is more of a necessary evil rather than the main focus of the business. They often need industry specialists to do labor-intensive tasks, but the shortage of skilled staff prevents them from extending their capabilities. And this is the reason why many business owners choose to outsource.

Outsourcing helps companies cut costs and increase their efficiency, but it’s not easy to let another company manage your accounting department.

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Chief Technology Officer


Ms. Nellie M. Ordeniza

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